How to Fine-Tune Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Fine-Tune Your Content Marketing Strategy

We bet that it’s not news to you that search algorithms reward high-quality web content.
As your audience has constantly evolving needs, this requires you to make an extra effort to
keep up with their expectations, so that you can update, create and distribute
high-performance content that is also valued by search engines, and with the real potential
to generate new opportunities for your business.
This is one of the most effective methods of keeping your website updated with business
vision, boosting your SEO strategy, achieving brand awareness, converting users into
customers and a host of other arguments to set you apart from your competition.
Think about it.
You increase your digital footprint to attract a previously defined audience, you direct traffic
to your destination website or websites, you create unconditional value, you print solidity to
your brand and you generate consistent social actions, among many other benefits focused
on helping you sell.

The question is... how do you offer unique and profitable content for your content marketing?

Define a content marketing strategy

If you aspire to success, make sure your content plan is purposeful and strategic.
Target the right people, determine which niche or niches you are addressing, what tone is
best for communicating, which topics will have the most impact or which channels are most
appropriate and offer you the best performance for disseminating your content.
Keep in mind that it represents the epicenter of your marketing strategy, allows you to focus
on the problems that your potential customers face, and provide solutions to respond to each
of their challenges with a measurable return.
It brings coherence, creates relevant connections to your customers’ interests aligned with
your business objectives, and establishes performance indicators to measure the
effectiveness of the content.

Integrate the productivity of a blog into your website

Squeeze one of the most cost-effective ways to create brand awareness, drive traffic to your
website and align your business goals with the expectations and interests of users
potentially attracted by your (more or less unique and original) content proposition.
Think that blog articles are scattered with keywords that favor SEO positioning, establish
your website as a useful resource and an authoritative source of information, are easily
shared by users in social networks and linked on other platforms for the value they bring.
In your blog you can include content in the form of videos, computer graphics, opinion
articles, checklists, case studies, reviews (or opinions) of products, services or applications,
advice or tips as a value contribution and everything you or your digital marketing agency
can think of.

Harness the visual power of video marketing

Video has become a format of content that users consume all the time, transmits information
in a much more dynamic, interactive and even fun way and offers great opportunities for
your business.
It is expected that by 2022 82% of Internet traffic will be video, it represents one of the most
productive digital marketing tools and continues to grow without showing signs of stopping.
Influence the way your audience acts and capture their attention with video impacts
designed to influence brand perception and purchase decisions.

Generate influence with your success stories

Make your website transmit the best version of your business.
Gain the confidence of your target audience, and prove your ability to deliver on your
promises. Do it with a story based on real experiences that reliably conveys how some of
your customers have managed to overcome their challenges and solve their business
challenges thanks to your products or services.
Help make better decisions with success stories of your brand through evidence supported
by statistical data, backed by results that speak for themselves, and that adds an extra bit of
credibility with the testimonials of satisfied customers.
Because your customers are interested in knowing what benefits they will get, how you will
change their lives and what you will do to solve their problems.

Promote content that sells in the social ecosystem

Did you know that 55% of users search for information about products or services on social
networks before making a purchase? The 2019 Annual Study of Social Networks in Spain
says so.
Define who your audience is and what their challenges are to generate content that
resonates with their interests, that is able to connect with people, gain their trust and inspire
them to take action.
Place your business in social spaces where people spend more time consuming content,
give your brand personality and achieve, besides entertaining or delivering information,
involve and facilitate meaningful interactions through one of the most influential tools as a
sales channel.
Use a content strategy that includes the use of social networks to boost the marketing of
your products or services, and benefit from quick and automated user responses or
simplified payment methods.

Measure the ROI of your content strategy

Get an overview of how your content is working with the use of data-based marketing and
analytical solutions, and do it with your profitability in mind.
Select the most relevant metrics to help you meet your key business objectives such as
sales conversions, web traffic, time spent on the site, SEO, social or advertising success,
and access information that will enable you to make smart decisions and drive the ROI of
your content marketing strategy.
It goes much further than you expected.

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