Modern Web Design – What You Should Know

Modern Website Design - What You Should Know

There is no doubt that good looks are important. But you will not get very far with good looks alone. This is especially true for web design.

We all like to look at and use an amazingly good looking website, but if you don’t understand some of the critical web design facts, your website will not have the desired results.

Nowadays people believe that good web design is just about moving some elements back and forth, adjusting colors to your needs, adding some content and matching fonts. Of course, this is common practice and can even lead to a good looking website.

Nevertheless, if you want your website to go beyond just looking good, and if you want to have a powerful website that regularly brings new customers to your business, then you need more. What you need is a web designer who knows how to work behind the scenes. Who knows how to take into account all the little unseen but critical details that can really put your site on top.

Here are some factors that play an important role in ensuring that your website performs well.


The importance of a professional website is underestimated

Although the Internet has taken the world by storm and is now indispensable, the importance of a professional Internet presence is still underestimated. Smaller companies in particular are thus missing an excellent opportunity to generate additional sales and profits. Also the enormous possibilities to optimize marketing processes and administration and thus save a lot of time and money have not yet been realized by many companies.

Anyone who wants to be successful in business today needs a professional Internet presence. Almost all households have an Internet connection. More than 80% (!) of Internet users obtain information online in advance of a product purchase. In other words: If you don’t have an Internet presence – or a professional one – you will lose a customer in advance. If you can’t be found, you can’t sell over the Internet.

In the meantime, a website has become more normal than the fax. If you don’t have a professional Internet presence, customers find this “strange” and often avoid this company.

And yet about 30% (!) of companies with less than 9 employees do not yet have a website! On the other hand, many of the already existing websites are “getting on in years”. How often have you yourself seen a website with outdated content, e.g. open house from the year 2012 … websites that are not perceived as serious by the customers.

The basic rule is: If you need a business card, you also need a professional internet presence! And this Internet presence must be maintained and updated, otherwise it will have a counterproductive effect on visitors.

The creation of the website is left to a good friend

Avoid a common mistake: the “good friend” or the “Internet freak”! Always work only with professionals!

Occasionally we hear the following sentence from interested parties: “My employee has an acquaintance in the skittles club, his son does something like that too…” Result: After a full year, the Internet presence is still not created. And in the second year, it is still not… 90% of the time!

Before you place a website order, let the webmaster show you online references that he has created himself. Otherwise, this can very quickly become an incalculable risk.

The “self-made” website of a “good friend” or “internet freak” can very quickly become the most expensive one if it is unprofessional or badly made and you lose customers or don’t get any at all!

You are too dependent on the webmaster

Many webmasters use very complex “special programs” to create the website. The disadvantage for the customer is that he is dependent on his webmaster. He cannot make any changes to his website without “special programs” and knowledge. So for every small change, the customer has to pay expensive money.

Also consider the following when depending on a webmaster: You have chosen a webmaster recommended to you by a friend. And he also created your website. But what happens if this webmaster suddenly stops working – for whatever reason… Who else knows about it? I know from countless customer stories that the “good friend” suddenly disappeared…

World-Wide-Web becomes "World-Wide-Waiting"

Many webmasters consider themselves “artists”. And as an artist, you have to express your art… It has to become something “very special”. And sometimes – I don’t want to deny it – it is then also a real “work of art”, which was created there. Visually appealing with Flash or HTML5, many effects, movies, sounds, music, animations, etc.

The webmaster is satisfied – and the customer at first too. The website was very expensive – but in the end, it is “art”.

Unfortunately, very quickly you often find out that the website simply does not “work”! The desired result – finding new customers and generating additional sales – does not happen. The evaluation of the access statistics also shows that many visitors to the website “drop out” after just a few clicks. And that is not surprising!

Think about yourself: If you come to a website where you have to wait forever for something to happen, lose your patience in advance and simply go to the competitor’s website.

I have a different attitude: A business website is not a “playground for artists”, but a marketing tool that has to bring your company more sales and profit.

A successful website must:

  • be easy to use
  • provide all information clearly arranged
  • Use images and texts sparingly but effectively

You pay too much for the website - or too little

How many customers can a website cost? Do you know this? You are looking for information on a website – and what happens? On many websites the menu control is so confusing that you can’t find your way around – on others the loading times are so high that you have to wait forever – on others you find wrong links “Page not found” – others are completely “Under Construction”!

Sure – a little exaggerated… But doesn’t it work the same way with many websites in practice? Imagine one of these websites would have been YOUR one? So how many customers can a website cost? You should always work with professionals! How else do you want to guarantee the quality of your internet presence, your shop window to the world? A badly made website deters prospects and customers!

But a good website does not automatically have to be expensive! Not the “most expensive website” is automatically the best – but the best website is the one that really works and provides information in a clear way, puts marketing aspects in the foreground and thereby generates sales! If this website is then also cheaper – all the better!

The web hosting is too insecure

In recent years many companies have rented their own server from a host center – and were very proud of it… without thinking about the consequences!

How often have you had to restart your PC because it “crashed”? How often has a program “hung up” so that you had to restart your PC? With servers, this is not much better!

If a server fails, your website is not accessible! This is bad for your image and costs sales and profit. You need redundant systems with failover programs, where a second server takes over immediately if the main server gives up. Even better: You have a load balancing, which distributes the load of the requests evenly on different servers. And for data protection, you need systems like a SAN (Storage Area Networks), which safely stores your data. And the additional backup tapes have to be stored at two or three different locations so that in the event of a fire, there is no total loss of all data.

For this reason, a quality hosting should offer redundant systems, clusters, failover, load balancing, daily backup, redundant 100 MBits fiber optic connections (speed of light!), double redundant air conditioning systems, etc.

If you save on hosting, you may experience unpleasant surprises.

The crucial and decisive element, marketing, was not taken into account!

Most of the worldwide websites, especially of smaller companies, are still “Hello, here I am…” websites.

The webmaster may be a technical genius, the web designer a great graphic designer – but neither of them is marketing people. But a really good website should bring more turnover and profit, right?

What you need is an automation of the marketing processes. Requests must flow automatically into an address database – AND be followed up automatically by email if a purchase is not made immediately. In our experience, this alone increases your sales via the Internet by 100 to 200 %!

Marketing, however, begins in the run-up to a sale. In order to get many interested parties to register on your website, you could, for example, offer a short FREE report about your business area – this will give you considerably more addresses!

– With Google AdWords you can offer targeted – even regional! – win new prospective customers – substantially more favorably than over other media (e.g. newspaper advertisements etc.). You only pay in case of success – i.e. only if someone clicks on your ad – and you decide yourself how much you want to pay for a click!

Always look for a webmaster who will not only create a “hello here I am” website for you, but also place special emphasis on the most important area: marketing! Selling is the only thing that brings profit – everything else only causes costs! You need an Internet presence that carries out marketing processes fully automated because digitalized!

Let’s first take a look at what can go wrong when creating a website. And that is quite a lot, as you will read in a moment.

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