Most Common Website Design Mistakes


  1. Your website tries to tell me what a wonderful company you are, but not how you want to solve my problem
  2. You have the text “Welcome …” or similar on your homepage
  3. An average intelligent person needs more than 6 seconds
  4. A quick eye scan of your website does not tell the user where his advantage is
  5. Because of the bad layout, your website (and therefore you) does not create a trustworthy impression
  6. Your homepage or any other page needs more than 4 seconds
  7. You do not know whether your website looks the same in every browser
  8. Your website looks different in different browsers
  9. Your navigation only works with javascript
  10. Your website uses pop-up windows
  11. Your website asks the visitor to install any plugins
  12. Your website has too much or too little space
  13. Your website or the navigation was created completely in Flash
  14. Visitors cannot read the text of your website because it is too small
  15. Your website has many parts of text in capital letters
  16. Your homepage has too much/too little content
  17. The text of your website is predominantly centered
  18. Your website automatically plays music when it loads, but you are neither a musician nor a record company
  19. Your website uses more than 2 fonts or font colors
  20. Your website does not have basic elements where they are supposed to be
  21. Your company logo is not at the top left of each page and clicking on it does not take you back to the homepage
  22. Links that lead to a PDF document are not marked accordingly, e.g. by a symbol
  23. Your website cannot be loaded without javascript and there is no indication of deactivated javascript
  24. Your website does not pass this test or passes it only poorly

This error list does not claim to be complete and the individual points are not weighted, i.e. for example, error no. 22 is no less serious than error no. 18.


  1. First visitor counter: used to be chic 20 years ago. It doesn’t work anymore. If you still want to use it, please switch to “invisible”.
  2. Guestbook: This relic is still from the primeval times of the websites. Therefore it looks very homely and old-fashioned today. It will be replaced by the possibility to leave comments, directly on the websites or in social media sites.
  3. Background music that starts automatically: Nobody wants that. And the music that the webmaster likes certainly does not go down equally well with every user. If you can’t do without it, you should definitely make sure that the user can switch off the music.
  4. Construction site graphics on construction site pages: In any case, the following always applies: Only publish a site when it is really finished. If changes are then necessary, create them offline and only go online after positive acceptance.
  5. Flashing elements: These can be pictures or text. With everything that flashes (and is annoying), the eye tells the subconscious: “in order to be able to read and understand this, we have to make a great effort, therefore it is better not to read”.
  6. Bright colors: Everything that irritates the eye and which could tempt it to send the message described in point 4, away with it.
  7. The saying “Welcome to our homepage”: Should the visitor have assumed the opposite because of the bad design and this saying should be mild? You should radically delete these warmly welcome messages, possibly still deposited as title of the homepage, because of course every user assumes to be welcome.
  8. Automatically starting videos: Sure, video is in. But please leave the choice of the time of viewing to the visitor. Automatically starting videos are an absolute NoGo!
  9. This page was last updated on … : If you don’t have the time to maintain and update your pages regularly, then for heaven’s sake take such an element from your pages. If there is a date there that goes back more than 2 years or even only 1 year into the past, this will encourage almost every visitor to leave your website.
  10. This website was optimized for …: Also a relic from the distant past. It tells the user “if you use another browser, you’ve had bad luck”. Of course, this is no longer possible today! Modern websites should look the same (good) in all common browsers.


A top modern website is a must nowadays! And for nobody it is impossible, or with unjustifiable effort connected, to create such a website. Modern CMS systems like WordPress and many others allow even the average talented PC user to set up appealing websites.

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