SEO and SEM: The Factual Partner Of Web Positioning

SEO and SEM: The Factual Partner Of Web Positioning

SEO and SEM have become a pair of recurrent concepts in everything that is linked to online marketing. They appear in the positions demanded by digital marketing agencies, they are areas that companies want to work on in order to position themselves in Google and they apply as a couple of interest in the digital environment. Thus, SEO and SEM, together with but not scrambled, have been constituted as a couple of facts, which coexist together in the search engines united by the only interest of touching the sky of Google.

SEO - Seach Engine Optimization

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, makes reference to Google’s natural links and works every day to appear in the first positions of the search engine through different actions. The SEO is a basic pillar of this tandem to which we refer in the post that requires perseverance and discipline.

For the companies, it seems something easy and they all insist on wanting to appear at the top, but what they do not know is that the agencies of marketing online develop intense work to obtain a good positioning web in which everything adds up. It is important to work on quality links, to have social networks very present in the SEO strategy and to work on them every day since abandoned social networks are synonymous with a closed business and Google takes it very much into account, mainly Google+.

The SEO is the pants of this couple and must be well sewn with the maintenance of an updated, hierarchical and structured in which there is a balance between internal and external links. But it must also be localized as the location is a factor that cannot fall on deaf ears.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, however, is the interested party of this couple that only works after payment under the guidelines of Adwords. We all know that when we do a Google search there are always a number of outstanding results that the companies on them have paid for.

The amount paid for these links will depend on the competence of the keywords for which we are interested in positioning ourselves. SEM is due to Adwords which positions itself as a potential tool to make itself known and obtain results in the short term. However, managing campaigns on Google Adwords is not easy however much it may seem and companies must be aware of this and trust the digital marketing professionals who try to segment the keywords and optimize the campaigns and their conversions.

In short, SEO and SEM are a fashionable couple in which SEO works hard every day with the sole objective of appearing and positioning itself organically while SEM carries out campaigns and allows itself to be seen. If as a company you ask yourself, “what do I choose SEO or SEM? SEO is basic, but SEM can always help you.

Nowadays it is essential that any company has its site in the search engines and many are professionals of the sector and we will approach a digital strategy designed to your needs and budget. On the Internet do not play games, always trust professionals and a digital marketing agency will always be the best option.

How to make a good SEM campaign without dying in the attempt

If previously we told you that SEO and SEM had become a fashionable couple of Internet positioning, today we go into how to carry out good management of Google Adwords to maximize our campaigns within the search engine without dying in the attempt.

First of all, in SEM we must bet on the optimization of campaigns and keywords avoiding searches that have nothing to do with our business. How to do it? By filtering keywords and search terms, boosting the keywords and ads that have the best performance and adding negative keywords to our campaigns and ad groups.

Conversion analysis will help us to improve the performance of our SEM campaign by defining specific targets and optimizing CPC conversions. To monitor its effectiveness, however, we will need to compare the average CPA and conversion rate before and after it is enabled on the basis that the more conversion history, the better.

But what exactly do we want and what strategy should we use? If visits to the site are our main objective we will automatically adjust the bids to obtain the highest number of clicks. But, if on the other hand, we want to get more visibility on the first page of the search results we will adjust the positions with a new bidding strategy based on segmentation.

The organization of campaigns in groups of ads, the orientation based on geographical segmentation, the creation of several groups of ads per campaign, the rotation of ads or mobile campaigns is also a series of variables to take into account for a successful SEM campaign.

Finally, the quality level and the landing page are other fundamental aspects that we cannot leave aside in our campaign since certain factors such as the relevance of the ad and the quality of the landing page also affect it. Thus, a good quality level will provide us with a better ad ranking with a lower cost per click. But in addition, we will have to take care of the landing page with appropriate and original content, ease of internal navigation and the appropriate use of keywords in both titles, content, and descriptions.

If you want to improve the number of visits to your website and get the better performance to Google Adwords, find a professional digital marketing agency that will improve your campaigns with an exhaustive follow-up and increasing the qualified visits.

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