SEO Ranking Factors – How Important Is User Data?


Success with projects on the Internet is directly linked to usage, optimization, and visibility in search engines. Companies like Google dominate the market mainly because almost all users use search engines nowadays when they are looking for information, products or services.

Companies are therefore dependent on a good ranking if they want to lead customers to their website. The basic workaround online marketing deals extensively with questions about the appropriate optimization and the increase of visitor numbers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the supreme discipline for every website. It is the basis for successful online marketing, for generating new visitors and therefore simply responsible for how easily new contacts can be generated or products sold over the net.

The fact that the importance is so great is due to its use by the users. Nowadays, hardly any user enters the address of a website into the designated field in the browser independently. Instead, almost 90% of all users decide to enter a search word at Google.

Afterward, it is mainly the top five results and, in case of doubt, the first page of results that are clicked on by users. If a link is only found on the second page, the probability of a visit already drops by 80%. These figures alone show how important a good ranking of one’s own website on Google and the other search engines is.

Only through good optimization, i.e. through SEO, is it possible to be successful in one’s own business field. In addition, there is, of course, the competition on the Internet: More and more companies are using the presence on the net for their marketing. So successful and high-quality optimization is needed.


Of course, Google does not reveal exactly which factors help SEO to be successful and promote your own website among the best positions. The exact content of the algorithm is an important secret of the company. However, experts have been working on the analysis in recent years and have been able to decipher at least a large part of the success factors. Today, search engine optimization is still partly a secret, but at least it is no longer a mystery. Here are some of the most important factors for a good ranking on Google:

  1. OnPage: The own website is an important point. With the help of Onpage Optimization in the field of SEO, we make sure that a perfect technical basis is available. Good content, clean technology and the use of keywords are an important basis for success.
  2. OffPage: Offpage Optimization aims to improve the visibility of your website on the internet. With the help of backlinks, which lead from other websites to the own page, the importance is increased. In general, this measure from the field of SEO serves as the most important basis.
  3. Content: In recent years, Google has focused its algorithm more on the content of search results. Good content is therefore becoming increasingly important for an attractive position in the search results.
  4. User data: As Google increasingly adapts the results of its search engine to what the user reveals about himself, the user data of the visitors is important. Data such as the browser, the origin of the user, the pages visited and other information influence the search results.

New adaptations of the own algorithm and technical changes are the basis for the fact that the general search volume has increased in the last years. User confidence in the search engine increases and with it the usage. For webmasters who work with SEO, this means that they have to adapt even more to the latest developments. This includes, for example, the correct use of the so important user data.


User data is considered to be anything that users disclose voluntarily or simply by technical investigation. Using the Google search engine and visiting a website generates a whole pile of user data. This begins with the search term that brought them to a site.

In addition, technical data about the PC is passed on, about the operating system used, the browser, the location of the computer and many other technical specifications. Google itself, through the use of its services, cookies and search history, naturally collects much more user data that could be interesting.

The importance of this user data for SEO is still quite low, but an increasing trend can be seen. Since Google wants to tailor its search results to the tastes of its visitors, for example, the origin data is used to provide targeted information about its own location.

Regional optimization plays an important role for smaller companies, as it enables them to set themselves apart from the large and global corporations. In recent years, it has therefore become apparent that user data is becoming important for optimizers. This can also be seen in the data they collect themselves.


Of course, your own website also provides a lot of information that can be used for SEO. For example, the search engine’s own tool, Google Analytics, can be used for this purpose. This small program is simply connected to your own website and then monitors the activity of the users on your own site.

A lot of data is collected: The origin of the users, the technical data already mentioned, the keyword used, the bounce rates, the length of stay, the exact subpages clicked on are just a few examples of the information the tool can provide to the owners of the website.

In conjunction with the Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, this data can be used to develop many measures related to SEO success. For example, better landing pages can be ensured, but also more targeted optimization in the direction of certain keywords. In cooperation with Google Adwords, the tool is also important for tracking conversions in campaigns and evaluating success.

Whoever uses or wants to use SEO on their own website should therefore always rely on the user data provided by the search engine and users. They make the project much easier and can be the basis for optimizing your own site in depth.


Nowadays it is no longer decisive to rely solely on simple SEO with regard to technical optimization. Although backlinks and other measures are still important if you want to be successful with search engines, the requirements have changed a little bit recently.

Google focuses more and more on the quality of the websites in its rankings and less on purely technical optimization. This also includes focusing a little more on the possibilities of social media and good content. Here are some examples of how the mix of marketing on the Internet and SEO can significantly improve success:

social media: Content in social media should always also have the goal of improving the visibility of your own homepage. Teasers on Twitter and Facebook lead to the website and ensure a steady stream of visitors and backlinks.
Virality: This principle should also work in reverse. Good content, for example from blogs, can in the best case develop a life of its own. Linked and shared content in social media is a good form of advertising and also plays a role in the visibility and awareness of websites.
Content: In both cases good content is the key. Google has been evaluating websites in its rankings for several years now, also with regard to the quality of the content. These should offer added value and therefore be of particular interest to visitors.

The possible cooperation between online marketing and SEO will create useful synergies. Anyone who is not yet completely sure about this area should familiarize themselves with the possibility of further training in all aspects of marketing on the Internet.


So it is quite easy to see that success in online marketing today is closely linked to SEO – and vice versa. Since changes in this industry happen almost weekly, already known key points can be completely outdated in a few years.

So it is precisely here that care should be taken to ensure that the experts always have an overview of the latest trends and developments on the market. Probably the easiest way to do this is a further training course that deals with the topic of online marketing and search engine optimization.

These training courses deal, for example, with the latest developments at Google and in its algorithm. But also the possibility of the correct use of social networks for your own advertising is a point that should not be neglected in today’s world. Even experienced professionals in the industry should, therefore, take the opportunity to look for new input for their own work and processes in the various subject areas from time to time. Given the importance of search engines and marketing on the Internet, this can have a decisive influence on the possible success of your own projects on the Internet.

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