Why It Is Important to Do Local SEO Positioning for Your Company


Nowadays, one cannot talk about companies without talking about a tangible and remarkable presence on the Internet. This digital media has proven to be important enough to make a company survive for a long time or, on the contrary, perish in a matter of months.

The above makes us see the importance of everything that has to do with SEO positioning, words that allude to the methods and strategies necessary to be seen or visited on the Internet. So, what is the importance of local SEO positioning for a company?

Importance of Local SEO positioning for companies

Local SEO refers to the group of tools, activities or actions in general capable of making you gain much more prestige within the Internet, using as a base the pre-established algorithms of Internet browsers in order to place your page as the first option before possible clients or users.

As its name indicates, Local SEO positioning does not cover the entire digital environment, but rather a small geographical sector of the Internet and its users, thus encompassing those potential customers who are close to your physical company, so that you gain much more visibility in a small range of action while continuing to grow as a company.

Basically, the importance of Local SEO is that without it, your company will not be known, since now everything moves through the digital world and therefore, if you are not in it, there is simply not much you can do.

You could say then that you need good Local SEO positioning for that:

  • You can capture the traffic of users who are very close to your company.
  • Improve the sales of your product or service offered, making your company grow.
  • Get a better communication between company and client, targeting the latter who are closer to you to generate greater confidence.
  • Improve the relevance of your digital domain, which will give you a greater advantage when trying a general SEO positioning.

It has been demonstrated that local SEO positioning is important for a company, being this the first step that any organization should take to have greater importance and support in the future.

How to improve your company's Local SEO positioning

There are many actions you can do to improve the local SEO positioning of your company. However, if you are a little lost in the subject, you can start with the following:

Define perfectly what would be your company name, address and phone number or contact. This is the basis of any Local SEO strategy and therefore, little can be done without it.
Use local SEO tools such as Google’s MyBusiness. With it, you can manage contact information, geographic location, schedules and other content that is relevant to your customers or local users. The idea is to put you on the map! In this link we explain how you can create an account.
Be sure to encourage reviews, comments or opinions of your product or service on Google. Since this browser is the most used worldwide, it is a good idea to try to get a good image within it, which is done by inviting comments about you on the Internet.

With a little effort and dedication in the work, local SEO positioning can bear fruit in a short period of time, making the traffic of users who enter your business website increase dramatically which, as a result, will make you grow more on the Internet and also grow more as a company. Ready to try local SEO positioning?

Very good question! You will be the first in the search engines, but, to achieve it if you want your clients to find your brand quickly you must improve your SEO positioning this 2020 and, how? by seducing Google with the optimization of your website or blog.

How to improve and seduce Google with your SEO in 2020?

The million-dollar question that everyone wants to know and we give you the best answers. Surely you know that it is not enough to appear on the first page, but you must position yourself directly in the top third and number one of the results. It’s that simple!

Did you know that the first result of Google takes 33% of the searches? Therefore, it will be the remaining websites that will lose a third of visitors.

Surely you are thinking that your competition has better results than your brand in Google and this is due to the investment that will be greater in web design and SEO. Are you thinking that it is never because?

We recommend you invest permanently if you want to make your business profitable in 2020 and if you do not have enough knowledge, hire qualified professionals, because the result will be guaranteed.

Make SEO stop being a problem! Discover the keys to good practices and improve your users’ experience with quality content. Follow these simple recommendations:

100% optimized images

You will know that this is a very common mistake and that it harms your SEO positioning, especially if you take up more space with image resolutions of up to 3000 pixels. Oh, and don’t forget to optimize the size of each file, you can do it with several online tools (tinyjpg.com or jpegmini.com).

As a highlight, upload images up to 200 KB with attractive effects, colors and quality typography.

Perfect loading speed of your site

Don’t think about it anymore and start by solving this web design mistake, because it is an essential element to position yourself in Google and achieve conversions. You would be surprised if you knew how many people do not give importance to this key aspect, especially in mobile phone users who leave the web if it does not load quickly.

Have you checked if you have an excess of plugins, a hosting with resources and an optimized WordPress template? All these options can slow down the speed of your site, check it out.

Upgrade your content and increase the quality

It is not enough to create text if you do not have high-quality writing, images and links to reach positions in Google, so you should consider regularly updating your content and improving web design.

Think about the metrics valued by the search engines to keep you among the first! Your ranking will depend on the number of page views, time spent by users, as well as recurring visits and the quality content you publish.

Increase the links in your content

Nothing better than referenced in the posts and in your home page some links, will help Google to give you better ratings. Thus, you will be able to endorse your site through external and internal links, because you cite the sources and provide credibility.

Improve your content with more than just text

And how do we do that? That’s everyone’s question. By seducing Google with other alternatives, such as: our own videos, audios, image presentations and much more.

Each of these multimedia elements is fundamental to convince with a renewed idea your potential clients and also the search engines, decreasing the bounce rate that is the abandonment of the users when they visit a page.

Generate confidence! From now on, you will only have to improve the experience of your followers and seduce them with all the guidelines we have given you to achieve excellent SEO positioning.

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